Chapter 1

* * * * * * * * * *

Kids here in the city don't need no stinkin' bicycle helmets. When some little whitey kid shows up with a bike helmet that his mom put on him, he looks like such a doink....

One day, in front of my house, I saw a young boy and a young girl maybe about ten years old, approach each other on their bikes to chat. They weren't clear on which one would go left and which would go right, so they collided and the girl went face down on the pavement. Immediately, she popped right back up, uninjured and unembarassed, smiling like sunshine and pretty as a daisy.

I just today saw a guy going down the street on a sportbike motorcycle. No helmet. His passenger was a tiny little kid wearing nothing but diapers, hanging onto the driver, of course with no helmet.