Chapter 1

* * * * * * * * * *

When a law, a budget, or other some such thing is held back because some people in Congress think it's unfair, that's good, that's checks and balances. But bad people call it "Gridlock" and tell you that this nasty "Gridlock" should be stopped.

Imagine if we had no "Gridlock".
Bad people could just make up any rules that they want, and snap, they become laws. They could take away everything we have, and to do bad things to us if we say anything about it. And nobody could stop them.

It happens sometimes now. Insurance companies order laws from Congress as if they were pizza delivery, and these laws make our lives bad in many ways.

What bad people call "Gridlock" is the Checks-and-Balances system that, when it works, keeps bad people from hurting you, or at least slows them down. You remember checks and balances, right? You learned it in grade school. You might have forgotten.


Update: The 2011 Budget Crisis was a good example of checks and balances. One side demanded their right to run up America's credit cards until the whole country collapsed, and the other side wanted to save the system for whatever selfish reasons that you may or may not agree with. The two sides collided in an epic battle and emerged with a battle-tattered agreement that kept either side from doing too much damage.

That's not bad. That's good. Better than the alternative, anyway.