Chapter 1

* * * * * * * * * *

As long as the Brain Police are holding a gun to everyone's head to prevent us from talking about the failures of African-American culture, the failures will never be addressed, never be evaluated, never be solved.

Wouldn't it be better if those failures were solved? Wouldn't the ultimate result be better if we could freely use language to shame the specific people who are sabotaging their group, and maybe thus influence them to "change" for the better?

Furthermore, don't you think there are plenty of people who are going to take advantage of their immunity from criticism? There are always opportunists, sometimes a lot of them. At this moment, I'm seeing an increase of antisocial public behavior on the part of some black people.
Why wouldn't they? What's the downside?

UPDATE: The 2011 Wisconsin State Fair was attacked by a flash mob of a hundred or so African-American youths, who went around beating up the white people. The Fair Security crew was overrun and helpless.

Did you hear about that on the news?
I didn't think so. It wouldn't have been polite to mention it.