Chapter 2

* * * * * * * * * *

People Who Should Die Department:

I just spent about eight or ten hours trying to figure out, with little help from three manuals and two web forums, the secrets to operating the MIDI sequencer on my computer. Not only were the documented procedures wacky and unfigureoutable, there were necessary steps that were entirely unmentioned and some functions with names that suggested other than what they actually were.

I think that the people in charge of designing and writing the instructions for anything should have their lives shortened by the amount of time that their incomplete or just plain wrong instructions cause people.

If a thousand people spend ten hours each, having to grope their way into proficiency, given inept or misleading or wrong directions, that's ten thousand hours early that the manual writer has to die. Or spend in a miserable jail; that would be fine.

After all, they cost us those hours, they owe us those hours. Fair is fair.


And the person who invents something that saves time in everyone's lives, why not extend his life commensurately?

If he would accept it, that is. I wouldn't, but someone else might.