Chapter 2

* * * * * * * * * *

Any white guy who wants to dress up like an urban black kid, immerse himself in "rap" "music" and "culture", and speak in whatever he gathers to be an "ebonic" style, should stand up for his principles and come live in a neighborhood of predominantly urban black people (as I do). After all, if we want to integrate our societies, it makes excellent sense to start with people who are already predisposed toward the different culture that we want to integrate them into.

Imagine a wave of eager white kids invading the AfAm neighborhoods of your city. They's be happy as clams, and they might even bring with them the strange and peculiar suburban cultural practices they grew up with. Like property management.


Before you indulge in your own rage of hatred for what I just said, let me point out that I do live in a predominantly AfAm/Puerto Rican neighborhood (and you don't), and I think that it is a wonderful place.

Except of course, for the unmown lawns and broken windows and trash in the streets...