Chapter 2

* * * * * * * * * *

One of the sundry enthusiasms of the committed dummy is a charity called "Habitat for Humanity". These people's purpose is to gang up, take over some broken-down house, and fix it up for some allegedly impoverished family.

In the first place, the human capital and material expense that these people employ is gigantic. In the second place the value of what they produce is insignificant. Any city has thousands of empty, windowless, sagging, abandoned houses in the process of returning to the earth. Rehabbing one of them is meaningless. Rehabbing twenty of them is meaningless. There is very little impact from one or a hundred houses in some rathole country where millions are living in their clothes and starving.

But: It really, really strokes the egoes of the H-for-H'ers.
"We sure are putting ourselves out for the poor, aren't we?"

Habitat for Humanity is nothing but a money-wasting, time-wasting social club. I actually had a couple of them tell me that is was all about socializing. If the time and expenditure that these people spent were put into world hunger relief and population control in desperate communities, they could save thousands of people from starvation and disease.
But it's much more fun to hammer and paint.