Chapter 2

* * * * * * * * * *

We are at the present suffering under a wave of jagged, garish, and unhuman product design, particularly in automobiles and residential construction. To some degree this is a artifact of trying to design things that humans look at, on computers, which aren't human. But I expect that much of the problem is the people at the controls: Computer operators rather than artists, with kerosene in their veins and cold crystal hearts.

May I present an alternative:

There is nothing more organic than a woman. And there is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman. So let me propose a new rule: Nobody will be allowed to be responsible for the design of any durable goods unless he/she can take a pencil and a piece of paper and draw, head to toe, a beautiful woman -- say, in the style of Elvgren or Buell or DeCarlo, or Armstrong, or Driben or Runci or Medcalf or Zoe Mozert... Especially Zoe Mozert...

The can opener that they design doesn't have to look like Anouk Aimee, but the designer just has to be able to do that drawing. He just has to know what "beautiful" means.