Chapter 2

* * * * * * * * * *

Take tattoos, which are very much in vogue right now.
What is a tattoo for? Why, to express yourself, of course.

So what do your tattoos express?
Probably, that you're a failure, or aspire to be one.

The guy who drives the garbage truck probably has tattoos. The guy who runs the city probably doesn't.

The guy whose job it is to saw off rusty, burnt-out mufflers probably has tattoos. The guy who owns the chain of muffler shops probably doesn't.

The guy who washes the dishes at the restaurant probably has tattoos. The Master Chef and the owner probably don't.

In every heirarchy, on every totem pole, in every pecking order, the incidence of tattoos increases as you go down and decreases as you go up.


A tattoo on a person is like graffiti on a house. It is an indication that you are in the crummy part of town. Except, it pretty much locks you there for the rest of your life.


You disagree? Of course you disagree. Tattoos are the conformity of the moment. You are obeying. Oh, and this is another one of those "fear" scams. Tattoo enthusiasts actually accuse non-tattooed people of being "afraid" to get one. As if everyone wanted one, which I assure you, we don't.


* Except for the entertainment industry, where your job is to give people something to look at. It should be observed that people in the entertainment industry are, by and large, not good role models.