Chapter 3

* * * * * * * * * *

In my mental library of Great Moments in Marketing was when the Japanese got around to fiddling with "Cruiser" models - basically mini-customized-Harleys.

( "I'm tellin' ya, Manny, evil is what the kids want today!!!" )

Yamaha called one of theirs "Virago". It was a brilliant job of naming. It called to mind the V-format engine that was key to these designs, plus if you didn't know what it meant, it suggested an exotic statement of virility. In the unlikely instance that a biker with such tastes did possess some literacy, he recognized the word as meaning "bitch", which is a popular concept in their community.
(Merriam-Webster: "A loud, overbearing woman")

A three-fer. How perfect is that?