Chapter 3

* * * * * * * * * *

I hope that the auto manufacturers aren't putting too much credence in the opinions of professional reviewers. These reviewers only know two adjectives: Edgy and Boring, and they don't like boring.

I'd be bored too if I got a brand-new fancy car every week, to do with whatever my little heart desired, for free.

These reviewer guys want nothing but a little more excitement in their lives, and that distorts their standards toward favoring the ostentatious and gaudy and stupidly overdone. Concepts like taste and competence are way over their heads.


I once saw an American review of a cheapest-possible people mover from India. An Indian Model T, a People's Car, one step up from a donkey and not a large step either.

The reviewer thought it was noteworthy that the car didn't have power windows.

I really, honestly think that people who are that cluelessly spoiled should be removed. They should go to sleep one night and nobody ever sees them again.