Chapter 3

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The German Mueller name on spaghetti is no joke. Mueller spaghetti has a noodle-like chewyness, and is absolutely my favorite. (This observation is predicated on the idea that spaghetti evokes Italian cooking and noodles evokes German cooking.)

Some high-level commercial legerdemain has happened in town a few weeks ago, and the shelvefulls of Mueller products have disappeared, replaced by some product with an ugly phony Italian brand name*. This is disturbing.

DaVinci's spaghetti is pretty good. So are Primo and Anna rigatoni, the big ones. I'm still searching for other lost types and styles; like egg noodles, which was a particular strength of Mueller's.

Update: The supermarkets seem to be working on the Egg Noodle issue. There is a variety of brands in the stores now, competing for the Customer's Choice position.


*with a "z" in it. "z"s are very fashionable right now.