Chapter 3

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2010:
I can certainly understand people thinking that Sarah Palin was unqualified to be the Vice President of The United States in 2008. She wasn't. She was fine doing what she was doing, and this whole national thing hit her like an unanticipated meteor.

How about Chief Cheerleader? I saw her on Leno, and was amazed at just what an appealing person she is. Do you think that she'd make a good motivator? That appears to be the little business that she has set up for herself: Touring and speaking, serving a customer base of American Conservatives, and achieving very high customer satisfaction scores -- and in the process, a very nice income. I saw some guesstimates in the $14 million range for her little business here.

A job is, after all, a job; and success is certainly success.


Or heck, how about charm school? There are probably millions of lonely women in the world who wouldn't be so lonely if they had someone to teach them how to be a little less noxious and a little more appealing. Sarah has the code. She knows how to be; she knows how to act. She'd be well qualified to make up a template for some kind of franchise business to help these poor women maybe find a little more happiness.