Chapter 4

* * * * * * * * * *

I have a friend who is as 180-degrees opposite of me as you can be. He is attractive and charming and has thousands of friends. I am unattractive and grouchy and have hardly any friends at all.

Here's a big difference, though: I love ideas. Ideas are like candy to me. I read Paul Graham or Joel Spolsky or George Will or quotes from G. K. Chesterson and I get all tingly inside*. It's in the stars; that's the catalog description of a Myers-Briggs INTJ, which I most certainly am.

My friend, on the other hand, has what is to me a weird approach to ideas. He considers them to be invaders that he has to subjugate; as opportunities to establish dominance.

When I share an interesting essay with him he invariably replies with a aggressive attack. He is The Boss Around Here and he is going to set me straight if it kills me; and if it does kill me, so much the better. The topic doesn't even matter. What is empirically correct doesn't matter. He'll say things that are hilariously factually wrong. All that matters is that He Wins.

I love the guy, but in this one aspect he is really wierd. More about this, in a more general sense, later.


* Quotes derived from the writings of G.K. Chesterson are the best, better than those Shaw and Wilde quotes you see everywhere. Reading his essays through is pretty rough going, though.