Chapter 4

* * * * * * * * * *

Almost always, when a company calls me or I call a company, the person answers, "Hello, this is mmbmmlb from Acme Novelties". I don't know what it is about saying one's own name but people seem to have a hitch about it.

I just got off the phone with the lovely Robin from a roofing company. She sounded so good I wanted to go over and see what she looked like. Which brings up an idea: If you're hiring someone to work on the phone, shouldn't your applications and interviews be done via the phone? And shouldn't the recordings be reviewed by one or two people to increase the odds that this person will help and not hurt your company?


Gosh, I just remembered a woman who was briefly employed where I was. She was long and graceful and warm like a movie woman of the Forties, and she had a voice like Pleasure Syrup. People actually did come to see what she looked like.


If I had a kid, I'd rehearse him during his whole tenure as a kid, in saying loudly and clearly, "Hi; I'm Melvin Doe; what's your name?"