Chapter 4

* * * * * * * * * *

How about one of the manufacturers coming up with an asymmetrical-firing-order V8 for their pickup truck, so the exhaust glugs like a Harley. The truck would be a model that's black-only, and have mufflers that cut out when you push a button, so you can cause actual pain to people.

Or a synthesized program of diesel sounds, delivered through weatherproof loudspeakers under the hood. That would get those cred-seeking goobers excited.


If you're a kid, and you can't have a fast car, at least you can have a loud one. Kids all over town are sawing off resonators or even buying "performance" exhaust pipes to make their cars louder. Except that some of these cars have very small, feeble motors, and the resulting effect is that of a very feeble car, but more loudly and more blatantly feeble.

Blatant feebleness. That'll get the babes.