Chapter 4

* * * * * * * * * *

I enrolled in a college course recently, and the textbook was extremely "modernized", with pagefuls of awful color stock photography and brutal closeups of people's faces. In fact, I dropped the course soon after I turned a page in the book and the whole next page was one such brutal closeup of somebody's face.

Way too creepy.

People, either in real life or on paper, who get into your face like that, are of course intruding, and I think that that is a cultural clue. In fact, there was a patch of time recently during which "getting in your face" was considered a normal concept to present to a fellow human being. Believe it or not, even advertisers would speak of "getting in your face".

I can only suppose that this is one more small step in the increasing aggression of the cultural puppeteers, and the increasing compliance of the general public.