Chapter 4

* * * * * * * * * *

It's easy to laugh at petty rules. No chewing gum, don't step on the grass, don't steal nuts and bolts at the hardware store, don't talk during the movie.

But rules are seldom just dreamed up. They generally appear as responses to people doing obnoxious or destructive things. If there were no bad people there would be no rules, and petty bad people are the worst because you have to be petty and bust them for petty things.

Probably the authorities are as embarrassed as anyone would be to tell that skank at the beach to put her top back on -- but it's her fault for taking it off. I'd hate to be a cop who busts someone for throwing a bag of fast-food trash out the car window but the asshole shouldn't be throwing garbage out the window. And he's going to be a pain because he doesn't see what the problem is.


Speaking of pettiness, how about guys who leave the driving range without bringing their empty bucket back?

It can't be a matter of inconvenience because the empty bucket weighs nothing and they're walking right past the counter on the way out. You have to be deliberately mean to deliberately leave it there and make the counter guy walk all the hell way out there to get it back.

It can't just be that the person didn't know. It's a deliberate act of malevolence, and so petty!