Chapter 4

* * * * * * * * * *

For all that you hear, or used to hear, about men's phallic symbols, you never hear much about women's vaginal symbols -- purses for instance.

Of course, now that heterosexuality is receding into history, we don't see very many really good phallic symbols or purses any more.


Maybe everyone was just being polite, but I hadn't heard anyone say this until the recent demise of dignity: You can bet that one of the reasons the Edsel* failed was the huge symbolic vaginal grille in front. No 1957 American man was going to drive a car whose countenance is a big chrome pussy.


* It may be that there are some young people in the audience
who don't know the Edsel story.
You need to look it up and read it. It's an essential part of American culture.