Chapter 5

* * * * * * * * * *

How will Barack Obama be considered among the Presidents?

Mr. Obama is presiding over the frame-off rehab of America. He will posess greatness, not so much for what he does, but just for occupying his office at this time. And by the way, he sometimes demonstrates that he is the most reasonable person in the room.*

But quite many people hate him. Why? Because in an environment of partisanship, the reasonable person is held in contempt by both sides. On the other hand, you've got all those crazy Negrophiles, who are way too insane to take seriously. They'll have a say, unfortunately.


UPDATE: Now that we're in his second term, it looks like he is going to to down in history as the most evil and corrupt President ever. He regularly bypasses the legislative process with Executive Orders, he cheated wildly in his re-election campaign, he "punishes" administrators who are caught in scandals by giving them promotions, he is presiding over a citizen-monitoring operation that was heretofore only imagined in apocolyptic fiction....