Chapter 5

* * * * * * * * * *

Last time I counted, about a year ago, the nine houses (3x3 block) including my house housed eleven dogs. (Just counted again. Same.)

Last spring, at my first walk through the park, I encountered maybe a dozen people or groups of people. Every single one, without exception, had at least one dog with them.

The first time I went to the flea market this past year, there were almost as many dogs as people. People were blocked by leashes across aisles, leashes got twisted around one another, it was distinctly more difficult to walk around than it had been before.

Last week I went to the music store. Saw a friend of mine in there. With a dog.

I had dinner in a diner today. They had big-screen TVs all over, and it being dinnertime, there was playing local news and local commercials. At least two of which, that I noticed, had the camera fixed upon the owner's dog for a few moments.

What the hell is up with people and all these dogs now?