Chapter 5

* * * * * * * * * *

The last few years Apple (the computer company) has been on fire. They've produced a whole series of products that quickly became mandatory posessions among obedient technology consumers.

Just goes to show. Apple has been loosening up lately, but their basic policy, their DNA, is that of a closed monopoly operated by a secret priesthood, producing one perfect item after another. Compare that with the Microsoft model of chaotic populism, producing a rich, ever-changing environment of things that work about 90% as well as they should.

If Apple loosened up their situation, of course, it would increase their audience, but it would disturb the ideological purity of the Apple mob.

I don't think that Apple fans are that into populism. I think that they're into superiority, and they don't mind that they follow One True Voice.

A Voice that will inevitably become evil.