Chapter 5

* * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of letters, We need a new letter in the English language.

As you may have noticed, people who speak English in the Slouch dialect pronounce words like "accident" without forming the final "t". It is apparently too much work. In Slouch, these words are ended with a closing of the throat, which linguists probably have a funny symbol for, but I've never seen notated in common English.

"Accident" or "accent" or "ingredient" will probably live on as legacy spellings with the various regional pronunciations, but for new words invented with Slouch pronunciation, how about introducing the backslash as a letter? "Accident" pronounced in Slouch will be "acciden\", "ingredient" will be "ingredien\", and so forth.

I guess we'll need a lower-case backslash, and being as it's slouch, probably an easier-to-say name for it.


Or we could be like the French and just leave it. They have all those unpronounced "s"es at the ends of words...