Chapter 5

* * * * * * * * * *

I recently read an article in which some ranting feminized male expressed the position that if you ever compliment or comment on the appearance of a woman, at all, in any way, you should be condemmned, or at least lose your job. You should never do it; never ever.

Let's get real:
Has the author never noticed the sheer size of the beauty industry?
What does he think that is, some kind of hypnotic evil plot to make women look nice? Does he think that women really don't want to look nice? Or shouldn't want to?

Okay, groovy. I am as disgusted as anyone by the guy who honks his horn or yells some comment as he cruises by some hottie on the sidewalk. Or paws a co-worker; stuff like that. Women take plenty of abuse from men that they shouldn't have to take. I've understood this since I was a tiny little kid, long before puberty, just by experiencing midcentury culture.

But there is such a thing as taunting; and women who make blatant displays of cleavage, boobage, or buttage, deserve all the verbal abuse they can get. They are instigating, and the modern feminized male who won't hold them responsible for their actions is a heterophobe coward.


Not many people are bigger jerks than the chicks who prop their udders way up high, wearing a blouse that exposes almost the whole thing, and then get enraged if you look. If you didn't want people to look, what did you do that for?