Chapter 6

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"Sucks" is almost a modern version of this phenomenon, but not really.

The old not-so-innocent phrases really are used innocently nowadays, and their rowdy origins are somewhat obscure. When somebody says that he's "in the pink", he probably isn't talking about nookie. But anybody who uses the word "sucks" actually does mean to convey the image of applying one's lips to someone else's private parts. It is deliberate obscenity, despite people's dishonest attempts to claim that is isn't.

In fact, the deliberate dishonesty is exactly why the word was invented: To have a more brutal, more obscene word that people wouldn't bust.

I particularly dislike this word just for this reason: Its dishonesty.


My Credibility Meter flunks anyone who ever uses the word "sucks". as an obscene expression of disapproval. It's not a word that thinking people have much application for, and it serves as a fine indicator for judging how seriously to take a person. In fact, my Credibility Meter counts the number of times that a person uses "suck" or "sucks" over a given period. Scoring any reading at all is suspect. A high reading on the meter is labelled "Loser".

If you'll observe, you'll observe that successful people don't generally have the word "sucks" in their vocabularies, and that people who do use the word frequently are pretty far down in the accomplishment scale.


"Yeah, right" is like that: A term that pretty reliably exposes its user as a loser.
Just think of the kind of people you hear using the expression. They are not very accomplished.