Chapter 6

* * * * * * * * * *

It's probably time for me to explain to the enraged bigots out there why I use the word "Negro".

I use it because it was the designation that African-descended people used when they were honorably working towards their fair place in society. Remember? It was a long time ago.

In the era of Martin Luther King, who was the greatest inspirer and motivator of the movement during the most violent and frightening era, the designation was "Negro". That's the word that he used. And let me remind you that he was the leader who stood up and died for African-American people.

Time rolled by, and the next fashionable designation was "Black". That era belonged to Jesse Jackson, who was nothing but a criminal, operating an organization of criminal thugs, blackmailing organizations and taking most of the money for himself. He should have been in jail for life. Go read the books about him. He's a bad person. He never did anything for anybody but himself.

The next fashionable designation was "African-American", and this era's black leadership belongs to people like the continually dishonorable clown Al Sharpton, and job-shirking Phd nutcase Cornell West.

The only respectable man in the whole bunch was Dr. King, and his word was "Negro".

Besides, I'm not willing to be jerked along by whatever compulsory fashionable term comes along during whatever fleeting moment. It's just a preference, I know. That's why freedom is such a bad idea. People might have preferences.