Chapter 6

* * * * * * * * * *

Every once in a while you'll hear a male NPR news correspondent from somewhere delivering his dispatch in a breathless, blatantly gay voice. I say God bless them, but you've got to admit, it must be funny to imagine the brass at NPR evaluating this guy's career advancement and putting him in position to deliver material to a national audience.

"Hey, we've got this guy who know....
We should put him on the air know......"

Of course they put a guy who speaks like that on the air for a reason. They're bussing gays into public consciousness, just like they bussed black schoolchildren into white schools in the Seventies.

And heck, why not.


Come to think of it, one or two of NPR's female foreign correspondents have voices deeper than Bluto's. So I guess the guys are lagging behind.


So now here comes the Gay activist lynch mob to kill me for saying that. As though the national conversation should be regulated by them, the most hateful people in all of discourse.