Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

And, there is some technology that I don't want to have.

My car is an all-wheel-drive car. I bought it because it was the best used car that I could afford at the time, but it embarrasses me.

For the last few decades, Four Wheel / All Wheel-Drive cars have been sold to insecure people who want to associate themselves with power symbols. I do not wish to be mistaken for one of those kinds of people.

There are some legitimate four-wheel-drivers; but certainly not in the city, where I live. Doctors might be legitimate users, or early-morning radio staff or other critical workers, and that's only if they live in the mountains or the snow belt. Anyone else is pretty much a poser.

Too-Many-Wheel-Drive vehicles have many more very heavy parts, weighing the vehicle down and expensively wearing themselves out and providing absolutely no advantage -- just the disadvantages of more weight and more parts and more friction burning more energy. It's like your car is wearing ankle weights all the time, every day.

Not to mention the disadvantage of the TMWD driver presenting himself to the world as a person who chooses to endure discomfort in an attempt to pretend some fantasized sense of authority.

That's icky.