Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

On the other hand, women who endure some discomfort to look fabulous are absolutely okay in my book. Providing, of course, that they really do look fabulous and not merely cheap.

I once had a pair of young teen girls ask me to open their soda cans for them. They couldn't do it with their fancy nails, and I wonder whether they ultimately maintained the idea of having fancy nails or adopted the idea of being able to do stuff.

Loni Anderson titled her semiautobiography (yes she has one),
"A Life in High Heels".
Pretty evocative, isn't it? It worked for her.

In the old days, a woman was a work of art, and she lived up to it.
I can see compromising to the point of being able to open your Ginger Ale, but please, girls, don't be spuds like us men.*


* Besides, if you go back to dresses you can pee
whenever and wherever you want, like we can.