Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

Progressives want to progress. That's what they do.
When they conquer one benchmark, they progress to the next, and the next.

They have given us cultural and racial tolerance, women's sufferage, gay openness, abortion "rights", Freedom of Obscenity, total absolution from criticism for African-Americans; all kinds of progressive things.

Somewhere on the list of future Progressive projects is pedophilia "rights", or the "right" for children to enjoy sex.

You don't think that that is likely, but nobody ever thought that all those previous victories were likely either. Pedophilia is just one milestone in the direction in which Progressives travel. It's a ways down the road, but they'll get there sooner or later.

You see, don't you, some of the beginnings of this in the worlds of academy and commerce?