Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

Something that people should understand, and sometimes they don't, is that most things eventually outlive their usefulness -- even some cultural things.

A decent case could be made that the American Progressive movement is ready for the graveyard. When it brought the Negro into the full American privilege 50 years ago, that was probably a good thing. When it declares that the Negro is immune from prosecution or that children should be available as sex objects, that will probably be a bad thing.

The abortion issue apparently represents the cusp, the breaking point, of progressivism's gradual evolution from being good to being evil.
About half the people believe that
[choose one: choice/abortion/killing little babies] is evil,
and about half think that it's the most important "right" that they posess.

Unions are clearly past their moment of usefulness. One hundred years ago they were the enemy of exploitation. Now they are the instrument of exploitation, proud of breaking windows and slashing tires to gain and protect their luxurious circumstances -- far better for themselves than non-union workers ever get to enjoy. Circumstances so lavish that they drive industries and governments to bankruptcy and ensuing demise.

Power corrupts. We know that. It does.