Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

Incorrect language frustrates me, and the online/computer world is full of incorrect language. If you want to save a file, say, of a podcast, you right-click a bit of text that represents a hyperlink. You are then presented with the opportunity to "Save link as..."

Well, I don't want to save a link, I want to save the file that the hyperlink points to. You may consider this nitpicking, but it took me some amount of time to figure out what this statement really meant, because what it said was wrong. Silly me, I thought that it meant what it said. It's not my style to read things and just decide in my mind that they mean something different from what they say, although it appears that this is what other people do.

There are plenty of people who communally or psychically or somehow manage to be incorrect in unison. Obviously. But I doubt that you can convince me that being wrong, even if you are everybody, is a good thing.