Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

The black truck psychos in our town aren't even the funniest local quirk.
Our motorcyclists (the Harley guys) like to ride around with "tough guy" expressions on their faces. Sometimes it's really comical. Imagine guys standing in front of the mirror, practicing menacing facial expressions.


Sweet God in Heaven, how can it be that people don't recognize that Harley guys are the biggest dumb conformists in the world? Aside from being silly and pretentious.

The guy riding a Pacific Coast is more stylistically adventurous than a guy on a Harley.


I suppose we could afford them some empathy around the Halloween season. At the end of October everyone is dressing up funny and trying to scare people. Of course, to Harley guys this is just life as usual, so they are deprived of the specialness of the holiday. Plus they're surrounded by amateurs trying to get into the act.