Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey old guys:
Do you ever fondly remember the screen queens that reigned during your twenties, the age at which you just pretty much just wanted to mate all the time? There were probably one or a few women that you were aflame for.

Sometimes you look back and the lovely women don't look so good, God bless them. The stylistic trends of their day, in retrospect, did mostly damage, which is a lesson from which we could all profit. The big hair of the early Sixties pretty much ruins Annette for me, and all the hotties of the Seventies look in the old photos like they used gravy for makeup.

Can you Photoshop makeup off of women?


You could suppose that all the tattooed fashion sheep of this moment may be filled with regret when they grow up and styles change, but then they might not be scheduled to grow up.