Chapter 7

* * * * * * * * * *

Who is smart?

People who write books? I wouldn't say, especially.
There are an awful lot of dumb books out there.

Here's one class of smart people: Sports fans. Okay, you're thinking "Dumb Jocks", right, but have you ever heard a ball game where one of the guys in the booth says, "That play was like the one in June of 1965 when the Angels were playing the Plumbers in the sixth inning when ...." These guys have more data in their heads, available for immediate retrieval, than Google has in all its farms.

Here's another one: Short Order Cooks. Occasionally cited as the bottom of the employment totem pole, a good grill guy can take four girls yelling orders at him one after another, and get the stuff out and never mess up.

You think that's nothing? You try it. Your brain would explode.


You have to be way smarter to be a mechanic on cars or modern motorcycles than you do to be a college instructor or junior professor.