Chapter 8

* * * * * * * * * *

People laugh at "States' Rights" enthusiasts, and I guess if you never thought about the issue very much, you might think that "States' Rights" was just an episode of irrelevant geekdom, too.

But the United States is much less a country than it is an association of states. The news media have conditioned you to think that we live in a homogenous single nation because it's much cheaper and easier to provide one set of news for a homogenous single nation than for fifty individual states* -- but we are states.

How could you not want local government?
If you have a beef, wouldn't you rather go to the mayor or the governor than to the President or The Emperor of The World? You're not going to get a meeting with the president, let alone with The Emperor of The World.

Do you Californians want to live in the culture and under the laws of Iowa?
Do you Iowans want to live in the culture and under the laws of California?
Or New York versus Texas? Or Minnesota versus Arizona?
One nation means one set of laws, regardless of local preferences or local circumstances. That would be hell for anyone. Except for the despots themselves, of course.

The American miracle is that you can be an American and enjoy all the freedom and prosperity of being an American, and if you don't like the local culture, you can go somewhere else -- another state -- which might be more to your liking, without leaving the country and all the riches it provides for us.

This miracle will disappear unless states maintain strong individual identities, authorities, and discretionary powers. If States lose their rights, there will be no red or blue states; they'll all be a nice uniform beige.

And we'll all live nice uniform lives.


Migration might accomplish this uniformity. People in New Hampshire, traditionally a conservative state, report that NH is filling up with people escaping from Massachusetts and the out-of-control government and taxation there.

The problem is, the Massachussetts emigrates in New Hampshire are still voting the way they did when they made Massachussetts uninhabitable. Consequently, New Hampshire will eventually become another Massachusetts.

It's like the tax refugees are a disease.


*Plus, if you want to be the dictator of all, as the media clearly does, you first have to persuade all the people that they are all in one defined group, not a scattered, differentiated bunch of groups.