Chapter 8

* * * * * * * * * *

Today I heard a teachers' representative standing up against "standards".
Her position is that "creative" teachers were much more successful, and therefore there shouldn't be criteria for educational results.

It should be obvious that this is wrong.

In the first place, not all teachers are particularly competent even when guided, let alone competent and "creative". It is a fact that teachers, as a group, generally didn't get the best grades in school themselves. We absolutely shouldn't leave them to their own judgments. In the second place, without standards, how do you determine which teachers are competent and which ones should investigate alternative career paths? Follow the kids and count how many of them are condemned to failure by an incompetent education?

That would give you your results, but it would be far too late to save the poor kids' ruined lives.


Sometimes "creativity" is what you do when you don't know the time-tested methods and procedures. Maybe it would be better if more attention were paid to time-tested methods and procedures. They would certainly be better than the pure guesses of subcompetent individuals.