Chapter 8

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And why is paying for nookie illegal anyway?
If it were legal and above board it could be taxed like gambling is, it could be regulated like meat products are; there is plenty of opportunity for government to expand its influence, control, and revenue here.

As for the moral aspect, is that really a consideration any more?
Just look at what people watch on TV. Morality is O-ver.

Run the girls from universities; it would fit right in with the moral climate there. It could be an additional on-campus employment option like working in the cafeteria, which will be where all the boys will be working.

Better yet, the current tattoo craze suggests a new revenue stream -- the girls can get advertisments tattooed onto their tummies. They'd have to enter some kind of agreement to have a light on during business hours, but that's not a problem unless they're ugly or something.