Chapter 8

* * * * * * * * * *

And here's a major, fundamental point:

People tend to lump other people into "They like new stuff" or "They like old stuff", but not everyone fits into those two templates.

There is also a "They" who like good stuff. And if you like good stuff you're probably not going to be timebound.

It's wonderful that it's possible to play a 50-year-old saxophone or electric guitar. The age and the personal attention to their design and construction really do matter. On the other hand you certainly wouldn't want to be playing through a 50-year-old sound system; at least not if you want anyone to enjoy the show.

Midcentury cars were designed by actual humans with actual feelings and perceptions, and there is nothing that feels as good as hitting the road in a Fifties or Sixties car. But for daily utility driving maybe a Honda works better.

Old houses are pretty much always better than new houses. They feel better and they're built better. But you'd want the kinds of windows that they know how to make now, and probably the wiring and plumbing too.

People in old movies have more depth and more blood and more body heat. They had bigger vocabularies and a wider range of experiences and perceptions. Their sex, held in proper control, welled up until it exploded, destroying everything in the area.
On the other hand, Imax can be pretty cool.

There are a lot of examples like these, some of which are known and experienced by relatively few people. But they are all real. If you want to live a life of nice surroundings and quality experience you have to be a time traveller.