Chapter 8

* * * * * * * * * *

Once in a while, I'll be reading the news online, and encounter a link to a story that I might want to read. Once in a while it'll be a video. Some sites seem to present almost every article as videos.

I don't like videos. With text you can effortlessly scan, focus, repeat, and contemplate. With video, the producer puts you on his conveyor belt, and you are tied to his speed, his temporal allocations, and the length of time that he wants to keep you trapped in his world. Interestingly, despite the higher technical complication of video over print, the user has less interaction with video than with print; less absorption, less engagement.

Maybe the overuse of videos is a case of "doing it because we can",
which is never a good reason for doing anything.

I only hope that it's a temporary phase.