Chapter 8

* * * * * * * * * *

In America this year, 2011, our airports are clogged with lowly-paid, low-ranking security employees searching veryone's luggage and frisking everyone's bodies before they board the planes.

Meanwhile our Southern border doesn't even have a fence.
In fact, anyone who wants to put a fence there is mocked by stupid people who think that fencing our borders wouldn't be nice.

Thousands and thousands of people, from everywhere in the world, just walk in. Even terrorists who want to destroy America, they just walk in. It just wouldn't be polite to just find out who they are before we let them in, like we used to do during the great immigration waves years ago.

You already have your own opinions on all of that, so don't bother speaking up.


Although, this is a solid-gold example of the evil of the Left. If anyone suggests that we find out who somebody is before we let them in to our society -- like every other country does -- the Lefties accuse him of being anti-immigration, or anti-human beings, or some other deliberate fiction.

Let me explain this as carefully as I can: Immigration good. Invasion bad. Thomas Sowell observes that when we import people we import cultures, and we should get to decide what cultures we want or don't want -- Mexican drug gangs for instance, or the society of people who want to kill all us evil Americans.