Chapter 9

* * * * * * * * * *

Some of us Humans keep a close watch on our minds, in order to maintain some degree of correctness, and an awareness of when we are being arbitrary. Here's a good exercise for those who wish to be articulate in their thoughts: Whenever you hear or are tempted to use the word "bad",* replace it with a word that is descriptive of the actual situation.

This morning I was looking through some stacks of fairly large cardboard boxes, hoping that the one I needed wasn't deeply buried under others. It wasn't -- it was about halfway down a stack that was a little obscured but managably so.

Most people would say "That's not too bad". When that phrase occurred to me I changed it to "That's not too inconvenient".

Exercises like this will incrementally, and constantly, improve the precision of your perceptions. Besides, it's not good for you to continually rate the world on a scale of badness. It's not good for you.


* We already know that you wouldn't use the word "sucks";
it's a word mostly used by losers and subhumans.