Chapter 9

* * * * * * * * * *

Supermarkets hire high-schoolers and community-collegers as cashiers and baggers and such as that. One of the places where I shop has a tendency to hire pretty girls. It's located in a suburb full of expensive wives so you'd just naturally expect pretty girls to occur at a high rate, or to be readily available if management desires pleasant human decor.

When the cute little cashier finishes her business and turns around to hand you the receipt, and she looks up and sees that you're looking right into her eyes and not right into her pants, quite often you'll be rewarded with a smile that seems especially happy and distinctly grateful.

Of course, being a man, you already looked when she was otherwise occupied, and it was good. Of course, being a real man, you are careful not to make her feel intruded upon by catching you at it.


And of course you have to make sure that the eye contact is not a suggestive kind of eye contact. I ran into a couple of girls in my grocery rounds today, who kind of worried that I was maybe meaning something. (I wasn't.)