Chapter 9

* * * * * * * * * *

Many people complain about incompetence, but really, incompetence is a cornerstone of the American attitude.

We Americans all want to be equal, we all want to be populist. However, it's too much work to attempt this by bringing up the crude and inept persons among us, so we bring ourselves down. We speak sloppily, deliberately, so as not to appear pretentious. We dress like crap for the same reason -- to show everyone that we're all the same happy American slob.


I know, that sounds like a complaint, but it's an opportunity, isn't it? I mean, people make it so easy to excel, in some areas. All you have to do is just not look like crap, have good posture, and not speak like you need someone to dress you and feed you every day.

Instant superiority, with almost no effort.