Chapter 10

* * * * * * * * * *

People say that you can get any music you want on the Web but that's not even close to being true.

I like obscure old vocal groups. There are thousands of recordings of wonderful old vocal group records, none of which are available online. I love the gutsy, devoted classical performances on the Musical Heritage Society label*. You'll never hear them unless you own the vinyl.

If you want the top-40 or -400 or -4000, you can get anything you want. But only if.

The same situation prevails with movies. Nothing that I ever look for up there. Would you believe you can't even find a copy of "How to be Very Very Popular" on Amazon or ebay?


* A good classical record is one in which the musicians are playing their pants off.
This doesn't happen in major-label recordings, hardly ever.
That's why we need fifty versions of this or that classical piece.
Forty-nine of them are polite and bored and awful.