Chapter 10

* * * * * * * * * *

Fist fights were a staple of Fifties and Sixties television.
As we got into the Seventies, however, the Brain Police decided that this would all stop. We can't have violence like that in front of The Children. It would influence their behavior.*

When they said, "The Children", of course, they meant you and me and everyone.

Anyway, the audience still craved violence, so the TV execs figured out that they could replace fisticuffs with verbal punches. Sarcasm, insults, snotty comments and pretentious contempt became the new staple of entertainment.

You might say that this is just as bad, but it's worse.
When the detective show or cowboy feature ends in a brawl, the good guys usually win. When the weapons are snotty comments and pretentious contempt, the biggest asshole is the one who wins.


* They don't admit that about media displays of sex of course,
but as we discussed before, pedophilia is on the to-do list of the Progressives' progress.