Chapter 10

* * * * * * * * * *

Elvis was the Jesus of rockabilly bands, the Beatles were the Jesus of the British rock bands, and the Beastie Boys were the Jesus of suburban white boys who wanted to pretend to be Real Genuine Negroes, because everyone knows that Real Genuine Negroes are much cooler than suburban white boys.



I released a CD last year, and of course I had to monitor the college music scene in order to see whether anyone liked it or even heard it.

Nobody did, but the point here is that an awful lot of the bands and an awful lot of the students looked middle-eastern. All brunettes, all bearded.

Obviously that's the new fashion. I suppose due to the incessant news reporting about the Middle East? Which I wish they would just please stop. There should be a feature on my radio where whenever it detects a news item about the Middle East, it just plays surf music until the threat has passed.