Chapter 10

* * * * * * * * * *

Negrophilia has been with us forever.
Every American style from classic slang to our musical heritage has come from the African-American community. Including:

The stats show Americans getting heavier and heavier. By heavier they mean fatter.

This is to some degree another artifact of American negrophilia.
Being big and fat is not considered in the Ebonic world to be a negative -- in fact it is quite stylish (TV Mama, Big Maybelle, Fat Albert, the Fat Boys, Phat, etc etc).

But moreso, the increase in the average weight among people in America could be due exclusively to the increasing number of Hispanic women. One of them is two of anyone else.

It is not surprising that style-conscious white American teens would want to put on a few pounds in order to follow the Real Genuine Negro style-setters. Unfortunately, the period during which this idea took hold, the mid-Nineties or so, coincided with a brief wave of bare-midriff hip-hugger jeans fashion among women. You'd see girls even in well-to-do neighborhoods with a roll of fat tumbling over the waists of their low-cut jeans.

This fad ran its course, of course. Thank God. But the black and Hispanic girls still strive for tonnage, and if that's what they want to do, why not.


But I sure don't understand why anyone would want to carry an unnecessary hundred pounds around everywhere they go.

It sure seems like a lot of work.