Chapter 10

* * * * * * * * * *

I heard today that "90 percent of communcations are via social media and ten percent are in old-fashioned e-mail".

Now, the person who was saying this could have just been saying it out of clear blue sky, like social people do. To socially motivated people, it doesn't matter whether anything is actually true, it just has to sound cool. But email is indeed receding before social communication frameworks, and sometimes the mob goes in directions that are not so good.

Let's talk about the first social monster, Facebook. You have a limited number of characters with which to make your point, you have no privacy, anything you link to is commercialized, and when you scan down the chatter you have to look at every obscene and politically evil thought that every one of your idiot friends ever has.
This sounds like a description of hell.

I've never seen Twitter so I can't comment on it, but is it not the same thing but worse?

What I see here is the bumperstickerization of thought, the happy acceptance of limitations and commercialization, and the further devolution of the erstwhile human race into a mindnet.


And, a gun to your head.
If you don't participate in these formatted communication systems, your ability to function in society is dimimished -- perhaps to the point of functional death -- because that's where everyone is and functioning means functioning with people.