Chapter 11

* * * * * * * * * *

About half the people in America vote. About half don't.
About half the people are on the high side of intelligence,
about half the people are on the low side.
So the concern that only half the people vote doesn't sound like a concern to me.

Generally (very generally), someone who pays attention to the news and is interested enough to know something about what is going on, is probably more likely to vote than someone who doesn't know and doesn't care. That is not a bad situation. That is a good situation.

The people who want to increase the number of voters are, therefore, working to increase the number of unqualified voters, because uninterested people are the people who don't vote.

It would be fascinating to discover which party is most active in dragging uninterested and uninvolved people to the polls. Which side considers an increase in uninformed voters to be an advantage?