Chapter 11

* * * * * * * * * *

Why I am unemployed:

Job Interviewer: "Do you have any final questions?"

Job Interviewee: "Yes.
Do people get to specify one thing that they will just not do?"

wer: "??? What do you mean?"

wee: "Well, suppose you didn't want to have sex as part of your job.
Suppose your boss said that you had to have sex with him, and it better be good, or you'd lose your job. Would you be permitted to say 'I just don't do that'?"

wer: (clearly becoming angry) no response

wee: "You're not responding. Does that mean that you are having sex?"

wer: (extremely angry) "No, I am not!"

wee: "And you would have the right to refuse?"

wer: "Of course!"

wee: "So I can have one thing that I refuse to do?"

wer: "Well, it depends on what it is..."

wee: "I won't attend mandatory extended socializing sessions.
Two or three hours hanging around in a bar. Stuff like that."

wer: "That's unreasonable. That's part of your job."

wee: "You mean like sex?"